The Fear

Glossophobia, otherwise known as the fear of public speaking, is one of the most common anxieties affecting approximately 75% of adults. As a result, some of the most important public speaking occurrences will be crippled by the symptoms that accompany this fear. However, if the speaker has a carefully planned out discourse of speech, these fears can begin to fade.

Most importantly, in the realm of weddings, you can’t let this fear stop you from delivering an awe-inspiring wedding speech that will bring guests to laughter and tears all in one transcended experience.

The Cure

Marketing Manager Patrick Kelly from the Sheraton Athlone Hotel has created a formula to writing the perfect wedding speech (in the most visually appealing way).

Wedding Speech Importance

Too much pressure?? Don’t be overwhelmed, the steps we’re about to walk you through will keep you out of the “bad speech that almost ruined a wedding day” category (aren’t you relieved you stopped by)!

For the Men…





Let’s break it down:

  • DO thank guests and family members for helping make this day possible
  • DO compliment bridesmaids and bride
  • DO make a toast to the happy couple
  • DON’T read straight off of a piece of paper
  • DON’T tell inappropriate stories about the bride or grooms past

For the Women…



Let’s break it down (Part 2):

  • DO keep ladies speeches short and sweet
  • DO thank people who have personally helped make this day so special
  • DON’T tell unfavourable jokes or ill stories about the groom, no matter how true they may be
  • DON’T try to make the speech sentimental if it does not come naturally to you

Feeling more confident? I can just hear the rumblings of the guests now, “How did they come up with such a masterful speech?” “He/She is exquisite!!” “Wow he/she should become a professional speech writer for Justin Trudeau!”

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