When people talk about preparing for their wedding and meeting with Toronto wedding planners, they often picture an overly excited bride-to-be, with her beloved sitting there simply nodding his head in agreement to her every whim. For some grooms, they picked out the ring, asked the big question, got a resounding “YES!” so now they can sit back, relax, and show up on the day of their wedding.

Get Involved!

In all honestly, most grooms have a vision for how they picture their wedding days, too. Before you take a back seat to your wedding band Toronto, and risk your fiancée turning into a bridezilla, take the time to consider the following tips and how your involvement can ensure you both will enjoy and cherish your special day.

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  1. Take part in gift registries. Consider this, with gift registries, you get to wander around stores and pick out things you want that your friend and relatives will probably purchase for you. What could be better? Sure you might have to compromise on the power tools or man-cave setup you want in exchange for kitchen appliances, but if you want to get new furniture, that wide screen HD TV, or other items make sure you go along when it is time to do the wedding registry.
  2. Get outside help from a certified wedding planner in Toronto. Sure, it might sound fun to let your fiancée and her closest friends take care of planning every detail of the wedding, but this can lead to problems. Plus, if either of your mothers wants to get involved, family conflict is right around the corner. Someone will try to hijack your wedding day and plan the wedding how they envision it, disregarding all input from the bride and groom.
  3. Voice your opinion on the bigger details. You should let your bride and wedding planner know what interests you when it comes to the wedding cake, food, wedding venue, wedding pictures, and entertainment. Your wedding planner appreciates your input and can use the information you provide to help ensure they deliver results that fit with both of your ideas.
  4. Know when your bridge is venting and listen, but don’t join in. At some point, your bride may start venting about her family and relatives and how they are stressing her out. While it can be tempting to jump on that band wagon and let her know your opinion about her family, don’t do it, as it can lead to arguments between you.
  5. Don’t let the romance stop. Some grooms figure since they are getting married, their job is done. But, your bride will not see it this way. Do not forget to plan romantic date nights leading up to your wedding day. You could have the videographer record a private message during the rehearsal dinner or on the day of your wedding, too, that your bride will see later when watching the video. Another idea that can score you some points, is to send her flowers or a small gift on the day of the wedding while she is getting ready.

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