Yes folks, it’s that time of year once again (cue “Ice Ice Baby”), Winter!! Ahhh yes the dustings of snow on bare trees, over-sized sweaters and the unforgettable numb feeling in your toes. Also a very under-rated time for weddings. Not only can it be more cost-affordable to get hitched in the winter, but it can also be hella’ romantic while leaving room for a lot of originality!!

This Blog is for all you Winter Brides

WARNING: after reading this blog you may get the sudden urge to plan a winter wedding. Don’t Panic!! The Top Toronto Wedding Planners  are here…you’re all good!

collage of long sleeve wedding dress pictures

Long Sleeve Wedding Dresses are both practical and sexy. If you want to fore-go the coat or jacket, opt for long sleeves. These sleeves can be lace for some added exposure or can be classic silk with a lowered back line for added drama. In recent years we have definately seen a resurrgance of the long sleeve wedding dress (Holla Kate Middleton)!


collage of wedding head pieces

This can include jewled headbands or a more natural green headpiece. If you are going for the classic “winter wonderland” theme, a jewled headband will add that WOW factor. If you are diving into the “natural” inspired décor (which we will get to below), this headpiece can be a stunning accent that will set the organic tone for your day. A great place to search for affordable headpieces would be Etsy.


collage of faux fur wedding coats

Obviously due to colder weather an outer layer of clothing is required for the bride and her bridesmaids, especially if pictures are to be taken outside (which we encourage). Most brides want a matching option for herself and her bridesmaids that is practical, yet emits a feeling of luxery and elegance (que the faux fur coat)! Now these coats do not have to be long in length, I would actually suggest choosing a mid length coat to ensure you are showing off your beautiful dresses! But what a fun accessory that can also be given to your bridal party as their gift from you!


collage of hot chocolate bars

Not totally sold on a candy bar? A hot chocolate bar is the new craze in winter weddings and is perfect for guests of all ages! This bar can be ready for guests as they arrive to your venue from the fridged cold as a welcoming component. Wanting a more adult friendly option? (Baileys and Kahlua are your best friends). With this bar the options are endless; Candy cane pieces, mini marshmallows, mini chocolate pieces, personalized straws and adorable DIY signs!


collage of winter wedding decorNow this trend is my personal favourite!! Adding a nature inspired feel to your wedding day will up the romantic factor big time (without being cheesy)! Some great ways to incorporate natural elements into your big day are:

  • Pine cone place card holders (could be dusted with “snow”)
  • Tree Trunk slab for your wedding cake stand
  • Bare Branch centerpieces
  • Lots of fresh greenery incorporated into bouquets
  • Fresh greens at your ceremony on pews, or the back of chairs