Top Eight Wedding Colour Schemes for Fall and Winter Weddings

It is hard to believe the year is half over already and we are already looking ahead to fall and winter wedding seasons. While summer is often the busiest for new couples to say their “I Do’s,” the fall and winter are also great times to tie the knot. If you are planning a fall or winter wedding this year and want to ensure your colour schemes are what’s hot and trending, you will want to check out this top eight list.

  1. Black, White and Gold: If you want a more traditional colour scheme for your wedding, then black, white and gold is the perfect choice. From your wedding invitations to the dinnerware used for your reception, it is easy to incorporate the colour throughout your entire wedding event.
  2. Lavender and Lilac: Combining these two colours into your wedding scheme allows you to enjoy to different shades of purple for a visually stunning wedding. Some couples are also incorporating white into this colour scheme to highlight the difference between the two colours.
  3. Dusty Rose and Green: This colour combination is a great one to select that suggests the colours of Christmas (red and green), yet is not the bright holiday red. Plus, the earthiness of dusty rose makes it less feminine than pink so even grooms and groomsmen can incorporate the colour into their wedding attire.
  4. Different Shades of Blue with White: These two colours represent the colours of winter with freshly fallen snow and ice. There are many different ways to bring these colours to life to fit with your wedding scheme.
  5. Vintage Red and Peach: These two colours fit well with a fall wedding scheme because they are close to the colours we associate with this time of year. They can be incorporated into your wedding cake, reception dinner table arrangements, and more.
  6. Champagne Gold and Wine Red: An alternate colour scheme to black, white, and gold, this is another elegant and stunning colour scheme that works well with fall and winter weddings. Brides that want a white wedding dress can incorporate the colours into accessories, jewelry, and floral arrangements.
  7. Blue and Deep Red (Burgundy): If you are looking for a colour scheme that both the bride and groom can easily agree upon, this one might be perfect. Most grooms are happy with blue and brides love how the deep red colour can be used to compliment white wedding dresses.
  8. Off White with Greenery: This colour scheme is continuing to be popular with brides and grooms planning fall and winter weddings. It is using the varying shades of white alongside natural greenery elements, like fresh flowers, vines, and so on. For a wintertime wedding, snow white and live evergreens would be a great combination.

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