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The Top Event Technology Trends You Need to Know About 

If you want to generate excitement about your next corporate event, increase attendance, and see attendee engagement skyrocket then you need to embrace event technology. The latest trends in event technology improve productivity and attendance all while streamlining event planning and execution. When planning your next event consider incorporating these trending technologies.

1) Getting Creative with Projection Mapping

Typical 2D projections are incredibly limited; only really able to be shown in dimly lit rooms on flat surfaces. While these may be fine to use in the meeting room, they can really fall flat during an event. Projection mapping, on the other hand, turns virtually any surface, room or building into an interactive and exciting display.

Projection mapping helps to enhance the event experience by incorporating unique design elements into virtually any space. Projections can create sensational displays that are only limited by the scope of imagination and can turn a typical event venue into a truly unique space. Projection mapping is also flexible enough to accommodate any number of event objectives — from social media walls to interactive art displays to maps of the venue.

 2) Up Your Attendee Engagement with Event Apps

Just about everyone has a smartphone, which means just about everyone interacts with apps multiple times per day. Event apps are quickly becoming a de facto requirement for all well-planned events that want to provide practically never-ending opportunities for attendee interaction.

Event apps can be customized to be on brand with the company, event, or venue and offer a truly personalized experience for your attendees. Apps increase attendee engagement — an astounding 75% open rate on announcements sent through the app — and help hype your event. Event apps can also provide you real-time event analytics by tracking downloads, click-throughs, and interaction rates.

Check out some of the best event apps here.

3) Get Personal with Facial Recognition

Facial recognition is already being widely used at concerts, music festivals, and some major sporting events. Now facial recognition is making its way into the corporate event arena.

  • Speed up Checking in. Facebook uses facial recognition to make it easier to tag people in photos and the same process can be used to speed up the process of attendee check-ins at the event.
  • Gauge Engagement. Using facial recognition software, you can get real-time and honest feedback about your attendees’ moods.
  • Create a Photo Booth. You can really engage your attendees by creating a fun photo booth that lets people tag other attendees.

4) Get Real Engagement with Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) games can really get attendees participating and interacting with your event. Scavenger hunts, promotions, and lead management, along with the relative ease of including gamification through event apps, make AR features a must-have at corporate events.

Event technologies are elevating the landscape of corporate event planning. By making your event more experiential by including technology, you will increase attendance and engagement. For assistance planning your next amazing corporate event, please feel free to contact Fusion events at 416-651-3873 today!



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