Top Nine Wedding Themes for Fall and Winter Weddings - Fusion Events

As we are moving into the fall and winter wedding planning season, now is the time to decide what sort of theme you want for your wedding celebration. If you are still undecided, then our certified Toronto wedding planners encourage you to review these top trending wedding themes.

  1. White with Natural Greenery Theme: This wedding theme is also a trendy colour scheme. It involved using varying shades of white with natural greenery elements, like vines, leaves, flowers, and so on. For fall and winter weddings, the use of evergreens and mistletoe would to use with this theme.
  2. Barn Theme: If you are looking for a rustic, yet charming theme, this one could be a good choice. You could select an old barn full of history for a nostalgic feeling, or a brand newly built one filled with charm.
  3. Tropical Theme: For couples planning a destination wedding or those that want to bring the tropics to Toronto during the colder fall and winter months, this theme is a good choice. It involves using palm leaves, bold colours, and even beach sand!
  4. Forest Theme: If you like beauty and serenity of a lush forest, you can incorporate it into your wedding. If you wedding is close to or even on Christmas, you could have a Christmas forest themed wedding complete with decorated evergreens with strands of lights and the scents of freshly fallen snow.
  5. Fairy Tale Theme: A fairy tale wedding is one that is full of romance, lushness, and grandeur. Every little detail has to fit with the image the bride and groom want to create of their perfect wedding day and celebration.
  6. Bohemian Theme: The Bohemian or Boho theme is considered eclectic. The theme itself might seem rather easy to pull off since it can be a mixture of multiple colours and elements. However, when it all comes together, it does match perfectly. This theme is trendy because it works well at any time of the year.
  7. Fire and Ice Theme: This theme incorporates the whites and blues you find with snow and ice, alongside the warmth fire brings to cold winter days and nights. Some couples opt for actual ice sculptures while others incorporate gas fire pit tables into their theme designs.
  8. Harvest Theme: This theme works well with fall weddings. From fresh cider to scents of pumpkins and other fall favorites, couples can select and choose the ones that they prefer. Scented candles, different coloured leaves, and other traditional fall elements all work well with this theme.
  9. Vintage Theme: Vintage themed fall and winter weddings are hot right now. They involve selecting a venue with a Victorian design, alongside using antique furniture, and a colour palette that fits with the specific time period selected.

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