When you are ready to ask your beloved the big question: “Will you marry me?”, you will want to mark this special occasion by making the proposal memorable. There is a big difference to proposing at a hockey game on the jumbotron or deciding to make the proposal in a more sentimental location.

This is not to say if your loved one enjoys hockey as much as you do that it can be a romantic and perfectly acceptable proposal. However, if they are not a big sports fan, then you probably want to consider other options. Either way, you will definitely want to get help planning the proposal to ensure it will be something you both will remember.

Tip #1: Consult with a Toronto Wedding Planner

Wedding planners do more than just help you plan your wedding day. They are also great at planning the perfect engagement. Not to mention, they can help you determine what types of vendors and services you will want to include for the proposal.

For instance, if you are proposing at the restaurant you ate at on your first date, your wedding planner can help make sure a photographer is present, incognito of course, and any other special touches you want to include, like flowers and working with the restaurant to ensure everything is perfect. You can even have a live entertainer perform.


Tip # 2: Include Friends and Family

To further add to the surprise of the proposal, you should consider including friends and family. They can hide and come out and surprise your loved one once they accept your proposal, or be incorporated into another type of celebration, like a birthday party.



Tip #3: Choose a Location with Meaning

Part of staging the perfect proposal is choosing a location which has a sentimental meaning for the both of you. This could be where you first confessed your love for one another, first met, or any other location that is an important part of your relationship.

Justine’s Surprise Proposal to Melanie from The Documentarians on Vimeo.


Tip #4: Hire a Photographer

Your wedding planner can help you find a professional photographer to take pictures and/or video of the proposal to capture this special moment on film. As an added bonus, you can have the pictures framed and give them to your bride on your wedding day as a personalized gift from you.


Tip #5: Start the Evening Off with the Proposal

When you think about most proposals, people tend to wait until the end of a romantic evening before asking the big question. Instead, propose at the start of the evening. This way you will not be nervous all night long and both of you can enjoy whatever you have planned as a newly engage coupled.


Tip #6: Public versus Private Proposals

Not all people are entirely comfortable in a large public setting and proposing in such an environment may not get the desired result. If you know your loved one is uncomfortable when made the center of attention in public, a private proposal would probably be more appropriate.

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