By Dana Mattar, WPICC

I am now convinced. We, at Fusion Events, are the chosen ones! Why, might you ask? Well let me tell you. We were lucky enough to get to taste the divine creations of Toronto Catering Company, Pepperberry

In-House Tasting at your home or office.

Devouring food from Pepperberry Catering

Peperberry is a Toronto based green catering company that specializes in corporate events, cocktail parties, weddings, and pretty much whatever tickles your fancy! They cater to meat lovers, vegetarians, and vegans alike! They incorporate many natural foods, organic ingredients, fair-trade products, whole grains, and organic cooking wines into their menus at no additional cost to their clients. How amazing is that?! By request, they can accommodate to their clients who prefer to have a menu that is strictly 100% Organic or locally grown seasonal produce (extra charges apply). They have breakfast, lunch, dinner, sandwich, and even barbecue menus! In addition to that, they also offer buffet menus and much more.
Pepperberry pretty much caters to everybody’s taste buds. They are so diverse in their menus, and are unique and inventive with their gorgeous presentations.
Take a look at some photos of our lovely little rendezvous we had at the office with Pepperberry.

The Fusion Events Tasting Menu consisted of a Fruits & Cheese Platter,

Herbed Chevre Mousse with Shallot & Rosemary filled Filo Cups,

and California Vegetable Rice Paper Rolls as well as Chicken, Mango & Pickled Lime Rice Paper Rolls, which were served with Soy and Sweet Tamarind Chutney.

It’s not over yet, my little lovebirds! Obviously you knew I was going to save the best for last. DESSERT! Oh yum, where do I start. Let me give you a quick little riddle here: What do you get when you introduce, chocolate, cheesecake, and a stick to each other? If you guessed a DELISH cheesecake pop, you guessed right!!

Here is the menu Pepperberry prepared for us.
Fusion Events Tasting Menu

Table with goodies!

Looking back at these photos are making my mouth water all over again.

Fusion Events would love to thank Pepperberry for allowing us to indulge in their delicious creations!

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