Toronto Wedding Cover Band –  BPM KREW

On Sunday June 12th Fusion Event’s very own BPM Krew will be taking the stage to perform at our Boutique Wedding Showcase.

At the showcase attendees will have the opportunity to talk to a florist from Ashton Creative, sample cakes from Bite Me Bakery, get advice from Arthur K the Head Planner at Fusion Events and watch BPM Krew as they perform some of their best mashups.

Who is BPM Krew, you might ask? Well today we will be interviewing Julia one of the lead singers of the band to find out what they are all about.


Q: What Does the “BPM” in BPM Krew Stand For?

A: BPM stands for beats per minute.

Q: How did BPM Krew Begin?

A: BPM Krew started off as another band called “Cilantro” (like the plant)! One of our previous bass players joined Cilantro and took it over renaming it to BPM Krew. He wanted to make it into a pop/top 40 style band, and move from only performing in the corporate world into more weddings/bars/colleges.

Q: What is the inspiration behind your outfits?

A: We wanted to create something young and urban, which led us to wearing white graphic t-shirts with black pants and purple varsity jackets. When we walk in to venues altogether we look just like a college football team- you can definitely pick us out of the crowd!

Q: What are your top three favourite mashups with the group?

#1 Happy- Pharrell vs. Janelle Monae vs. Bob Marley Mashup

We actually did this video 48-hour mashup challenge where we shot and edited it in 48 hours!

#2 Jump Mashup

This one is a 90’s-R&B mix that we end our shows with because everyone loves how high energy it is.

#3 Preteen Mashup

The mashup features artists like Carly Rae and Katy Perry making it super fun and “very teen”.

Q: Pick three words to describe the team.

A: Fun. Energetic. Dedicated.

 Q: Favourite Performance Memory?

A: There are so many to choose from! My favourite has to be a performance we gave at Muskoka Woods because they had this huuuge stage and the kids were going crazy for every mashup.

Q: Weirdest Performance Memory?

A: Probably this corporate party we performed at because there was this party-goer that challenged our lead singer to a dance battle. Luckily our lead singer was actually a professional dancer so he decided to go for it, but the whole ordeal was just pretty weird for everyone watching.

Q: So who won the dance battle?

A: Hmmm good question…you’ll have to ask when you meet us on June 12th!

Q: Will we be hearing any new mashups at the Boutique Wedding Showcase?

A: Yes!! We have some new mashups featuring Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez and DNCE.


Can’t wait to see them before the showcase? Check out the BPM Krew Youtube to see some of their latest videos!

Join us on June 12th at the Fusion Events Soundstage for this great event!

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By: Courtenay Field

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thumb_IMG_9911_1024Courtenay Field is a current undergraduate student studying at the University of Toronto. When she is not buried in books she can be found working events all over Toronto. Her previous work includes Chairing Trinity College’s Orientation Week and the Trinity College Dramatic Society, working with Relay for Life-Aurora Chapter and University of Toronto Visitor’s Centre on any and every event possible. She is extremely excited to join the team at Fusion Events and plunge head first into the exciting world of weddings.