Unique Unity Ceremony Ideas

Weddings are a symbol of two individuals becoming one and the unity of two different families. Wedding planners are keen to present this special significance in wedding ceremonies

Western Classic—Unity Candle 

Unity candles consists of two taper candles and one large pillar candle. In traditional western wedding ceremony, lighting unity candles symbolize the joining together of bride and groom, becoming one in commitment.

Photo Credit?http://stsimonselopements.wordpress.com/2010/06/30/the-unity-candle-ceremony/

Photo Credit?http://stsimonselopements.wordpress.com/2010/06/30/the-unity-candle-ceremony/

Chinese Tradition—Hejin Wine

Hejin wine means pouring Chinese rice wine into a calabash which has already been divided into two parts, and drink it with arms intertwined during the ceremony. It symbolizes the previously two separate individuals joined as one by the wedding.

Chinese rice wine ceremony

Photo Credit: http://hunli.lilywed.cn/xinwen/16493_2.html

Trendy Alternatives

1.  Pouring Fish

Bride and groom each had a fish in their own container. Then they combine them into one vessel. The significance of fish in Chinese culture is lucky mascot. This ceremony is not only means the two individuals become one, but also with the blessing for their new life.

Fish pouring ceremony


2. Live Painting 

The painting could be partially completed by an artist before the ceremony, the bride and groom only need to fill the colour or a couple of strokes to finish it. The painting could be a portrait of the bride and groom, memorable places or even wedding scenes!!!

Photo Credit: http://www.inspiredbride.net/2012/12/10/3-fun-and-unique-reception-ideas/

Photo Credit: http://www.inspiredbride.net/2012/12/10/3-fun-and-unique-reception-ideas/

3.  Ice Luge

A custom sculpted ice carving will create a special fine touch that will be remembered long after the ice melts. It can be designed as the wedding logo or the monogram. The Bride and Groom hold the bottle of red wine together to pour into the iceluge, the clear ice will turn red with the pouring of the red wine.

ice luge at wedding

Photo Credit: http://cateringeden.com/ice-sculptures/

4. Planting a tree

Taking soil from parents’ houses and planting a tree with it during the ceremony.

tree planting wedding ceremony

Photo Credit?http://rusticweddingchic.com/georgia-mountain-rustic-wedding

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