This week’s wedding blog is brought to you by Fusion Events Certified Wedding Planner, Jessie Huang, WPICC.

There are so many ways to make weddings creative, fun and most importantly personalized! As a Toronto wedding planner I love adding creative personalized touches to  wedding details. I want to share some of the cutest wedding guest book ideas for couples who strive to impress their guests. Instead of using the typical photo albums/guestbooks, why not consider using the below ideas that are creative and artistic. Let me know which one is your favorite!

1. Wedding Guest Book Wall Art

Write a sweet messages on one of these blank paper hearts, size of these paper hearts can be customized to make it either bigger or smaller based on your preference. This is also a perfect addition to your home decor!

Alternative Wedding Guest Book Idea

Alternative Wedding Guest Book Idea

2. Puzzle Wedding Guest Book

Create a puzzle with your favorite engagement photo and let your guests write their wishes at the back. This is the one of a kind puzzle that will WOW your guests.

Puzzle wedding guest book ideas

Alternative Wedding Guest Book Puzzle

3. Artistic Wedding Guest Tree

Tree is a symbol for growth, prosperity, strength and life. In weddings, tree symbolizes the growth of two loved ones in a life long journey. How sweet!

AWedding Guest Book Tree

Wedding Guest Book Tree

3. Retro Wedding Sticky Note Guest Book Jar

Leave a secret note to the couple with your best marital advice. I am sure the couple will enjoy reading through them on their wedding night. My best marital advice? Compliment your spouse everyday.

Photo source: Etsy