Unique Wedding Ideas From China

Would you like to make your wedding creative, meaningful, and different? Would you like to try something absolutely different from any other weddings you have ever been to? Would you like to to go beyond and see what other people are doing for their weddings?  Today I would like to take to take a look at Unique Wedding Ideas From China!

Sand painting of your love story

First, I would like to introduce a very unique way to show your guests about your sweet love story, not by pictures, not by cinematography, but by SAND!!  Imagine your elegant love story choreographed in a creative, artistic fashion, accompanied by your choice of music. This is a very cost effective and unique wedding idea from China, and since it is all done online there is no shipping costs.

How this works?

1. Choose how many pictures would you like to present;

2. Write a story about you and your partner according to how many pictures you choose, for example, where you met, how was the first date like, where have you been, and how he proposed;

3.  You can also have subtitles attached to each picture;

4. Last but not the least, choose a meaningful song for the whole story!

Customized wedding logo- Stamp

Another creative way to set your wedding apart is to create a customized logo to represent your event.  This stamp can be used to seal envelopes, the stamp can also be used on Thank You Cards and on Wedding Invitations.  Its a great memento that can be safe kept forever.

Personalized wedding logo

Wedding ideas from China

Personalized wedding ideas

Unique wedding stationary

personalized wedding stamp


Another lesser known accessory that is available is a luxurious wedding bouquet that uses imitation pearls and diamonds. These bouquets are available at a low cost and act as a gorgeous accessory to enhance your wedding event.  This bouquet can also be kept even after the wedding has ended as a sign of your love.

Wedding Bouquet

Blue and white wedding bouquet

Peach Bouquet from China

Purple blingy bouquet

 About The Author:

Flora Peng, WPICC

Flora Peng, Wedding Planner TorontoFlora has been fortunate to find her passion in event planning and wedding planning from her early days at Rotman School of Commerce. She specializes with Asian clientele, vendors, venues and can communicate in both English and Mandarin. She has helped Asian clients hold fashionable and trendy Western style weddings.  She is well connected to Asian companies that can help clients access specialty vendors who are most appropriate. It is her vision to help her clients fuse together the latest in trends while still staying abreast of tradition. Combining a personable, understanding, and thorough approach, she looks forward to working with you to create lasting memories for years to come

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