Social media is a big focal point in many people’s lives these days. From Facebook to Twitter and snaps sent through Snapchat, there are so many different social media apps people use to stay connected. Brides-to-be and their grooms-to-be are discovering how to commemorate their special time using social media.

Some couples start using social media from the engagement right on through the end of their honeymoons, while others may not start until after they have sat down with a wedding planner and find out more about how social media and web-based technologies can be incorporated into the wedding planning processes.

To help get you started thinking about how to use social media as part of your wedding, here are some of our certified Toronto wedding planners favourite social media platform and app ideas.

Facebook Live

Facebook offers a live streaming service you can use to share different milestones and memories leading up to your wedding day. For instance, you could live stream trying on different wedding dresses, bridesmaids’ fittings, wedding cake tastings, tux fittings, and so on. On the day of your wedding, you could ask a family or friend that is not part of the wedding party to live stream the ceremony, so anyone who could not attend, can log onto Facebook and watch as you say your “I do’s.”

#Hashtag Your Wedding

Instagram is the original #hashtag site and now others allow you to post #hashtags and links. For those that are not entirely sure what a #hashtag is, think of it as a simplified website address designed for mobile device users that want to share comments and photos.

With weddings, couples are coming up with their own unique #hashtags that no one else has used before. Then they are communicating that #hashtag with friends and family to get it trending. Creating your own #hashtag can be fun and interesting, especially when you start seeing what pictures and comments others are posting.

Plus, on your wedding day, strongly encourage your guests snapping pictures on their smartphones to use the #hashtag you created for your very own online wedding photo album on Instagram. Great #hashtags to use are a play on the couple’s first and/or last names, nicknames, or some special phrase or saying you two share.

TIP: To find out if a #hashtag has already been used, you will need to visit Instagram and do a search.

Custom Geo Filters

What makes using Snapchat a fun social media app is the range of optional Geo filters you can apply while taking selfies or pictures. Many couples are discovering they can create their own custom Geo filters for their wedding day, as well as other filters they are using throughout the planning processes leading up to the actual wedding. Creating a filter is not expensive and can be quite fun to do. Just remember to let others know you have your very own Geo filter.

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