For years, brides and their bakers have come together to create elaborate works of art. These unique pieces stood 18 inches tall, were lathered in fondant, and often ended up in guest’s fridges. (Yes I’m talking about wedding cakes).

But what if you don’t want traditional for your wedding? Why not consider the alternative(s)?!

Don’t get me wrong, traditional wedding cakes continue to be a relevant choice for today’s brides with the possibility to be cost effective, but I am not a fan of “one size fits all.”

And you ask, “But Dini, where to start!?” No stress! We chatted with Dayna, owner of Toronto’s fabulous Bite Me Bakery, she gave us insight into the world of alternative wedding cakes! From this conversation I gathered photos of popular alternative cake choices and concluded on a few pros and cons for each!

Multi-Level Macaron Display

A collage of macaroon cakes


  • Opportunity to coordinate colour scheme to match wedding colour palette
  • Unique silhouette for modern bride
  • No “cake-cutting” fee from venue


  • Niche dessert choice that may not be a favourite to all
  • Display needs to be fairly large; Possibly needing other dessert choices
  • Costly to make (due to the almond flour)

Cupcake Tower with One-Tier Mini Cake

Collage of cupcake tower with one tier mini-cake


  • Allows newlyweds to perform traditional “Cutting of the cake”
  • Various cake flavour choices (something for everyone)
  • Deemed the “most popular” choice amongst the alternatives


  • Lots of detail and time required
  • Possibly extra cost in more deserts
  • Display needs to be fairly large if no other desert choices are present

Sweets Table

Collage of various sweets tables


  • Liberty to have a variety of choices for guests (Popular choices include: Pie, squares, tarts, candy)
  • No “cake-cutting” fee from venue


  • More variety and extensive selection
  • Possible extra cost
  • Extra space + cake stands needed

Cake Pop Stand

collage of cake pop stands


  • Portion appropriate cake pieces for the average guest who will be full
  • Various cake flavour choices (Dayna from Bite Me Bakery does a cheesecake pop)!
  • Ability to get creative with methods of display
  • Less mess
  • RE: no cake cutting fee


  • Cost; Time spent to detail each
  • RE: Display needs to be fairly large if no other desert choices are present
  • Extra fillings, and elegant cake pop details are almost impossible to include

Individual Mini-Cakes

Collage of mini wedding cakes


  • Can be customized and personalized
  • Various cake flavour choices
  • RE: no cake cutting fee
  • Can be packaged up and given to guests as favours


  • Labour to detail each individual cake
  • Extra cost to create each
  • Ensuring there are enough cakes for each guest assuming no other desert is present


If your looking to step outside the box and create a conversation piece for your guests, go ahead and get alternative!