Wedding Floral Trends for 2014

Flowers – I honestly cannot picture a wedding without them. They immediately bring an air of elegance and a sense of liveliness to any décor scheme. The endless customizable possibilities in floral design allow you to showcase your creativity while complimenting your colour palette, elevating the overall aesthetic of your event. There are a few floral trends I will be watching this year that are sure to make any event a success!

Cascading Table Centrepieces

While a lot of the images plastered on the web reflect unlimited budgets or editorial shoots that aren’t even linked to a real life event, there are ways to recreate these looks to better suit a more realistic budget. Instead of using pricier (and in some cases, seasonal) flowers like peonies, dahlias, roses, and orchids, think about adding volume to a cascading table centrepiece with hydrangea or various foliage. 

cascading floral centrpiece

Texture, Texture, Texture

A bride’s bouquet is her ultimate accessory. The various floral elements incorporated into bouquets today inspire unique shapes that are a far cry from the round, globe-like arrangements seen in bouquets of the past. For some extra pop, zip & pow, think outside the box- try air plants, succulents, berries, olive branches, lavender, and thistle. There are no rules, and when the right combinations are fused together, a fabulous, floral statement piece can be the result, which is bound to have the best kind of aesthetic impact on your special day!

wedding bouquets with texture

Varying Multiples

While elaborate, high centrepieces have certainly been a staple on the wedding scene for years, why not delve into something a little different to separate yourself from the crowd? For a vintage feel, try multiple floral arrangements in varying vessels. Glass apothecary containers, silver juleps, mini trophy containers, mercury glass jars, and mismatched vintage tea cups will all do the trick! You can get even more creative by setting them atop stacked old vintage books, for example. Depending on your vessel source, there’s potential to get away with a fab deal- take a trip to grandma’s, or go raid your local Value Village and thrift stores to find these special little gems.

small centrepieces

No matter what your taste or budget, a floral component at your next wedding or event simply cannot disappoint. Think different, be unique, and have fun!

Today’s Blog Post is brought to you by Fusion Events very own Event Coordinator Katie Wallbank:

Katie Wallbank

Katie is a Toronto native who started her events career in tournaments and sports travel, after obtaining her Art History degree in Ottawa. Upon her return to Toronto, Katie volunteered at St. John’s Rehab Hospital in the foundations department, where she assisted with the execution of various fundraising events. Katie took a brief hiatus from events to pursue work as a licensed paralegal, for which she obtained her license in 2012. Shortly after acquiring her license, Katie became engaged, and started the whirlwind process of planning her own wedding. Having heard horror stories from multiple brides about what a daunting task it is to plan one’s own nuptials, Katie was un-phased by it all, and quickly took a shine to the daily ins and outs associated with wedding planning. Creative by nature, Katie thrives in the planning realm by pairing her detail oriented and organized skill sets with her keen eye for stunning aesthetics, resulting in seamless, beautiful events. You can find Katie fingering through racks of gorgeous linens at her favourite decor company, or with her nose stem-deep in a fragrant floral arrangement at her local florist.