Wedding Guest Books Ideas You Will Appreciate and Admire

Long gone are the days where you bought a pre made wedding guest book ….remember attending a wedding back in the 90’s where you wrote in an ugly bound book and all that was inside were lines for you to sign your name and date the entry?  Awful, and impersonal are the words that come to my mind.
Ive talked in previous blogs about how to personalize your wedding…..Well, your wedding guest book is no exception!  Be sure to get creative when it comes to your guest book.  It will give guests something to talk about, and remember, and most importantly, it will ensure that YOU will admire, appreciate and treasure it throughout your marriage.
The collage above is a collection of a few of my favorites.  Pick something that suits your personality, and style.  Make it personal, make it sweet.
The poster shown in the top right corner can be created in Photo Shop and printed at your local Staples.  You can grab ink at a craft store in different colours, and guests will have fun leaving their fingerprints!
The wishing stones are a cute idea for the adventurous couple, or perfect for an out door wedding.  They don’t leave a lot of space for guests to write a msg, but a signature or cute doodle makes for a nice keepsake.
The wishing tree and wishing jars have become very popular for engagement parties, showers and weddings.  The msg in a bottle shown in the collage is a creative take on the wish tree.  Its easy to store, and would be fun for the bride and groom to crack open after the honeymoon or on a first anniversary.
The Jenga game is so very creative.   I just really love this one!  It can be stacked and placed on a shelf, and can be played thru the years.  Friends of mine would have gone mad for this idea when they were married back in 2010.
The photo on the bottom right I took at my cousins wedding a few weekends ago and was the inspiration for this blog post.  Dan, the groom is a very handy guy, and made the love seat for their cottage.  It was brought to the wedding unfinished so that guests (myself included) could write a wish for the couple.  After all the signatures were collected, he took it home and applied a few coats of varnish.  Now, Jamie and Dan can sit on their guest book, and enjoy the sunset together!
Lastly, the bottom center photo is a collection of little cut out hearts.  Each guest wrote a message in black ink, and then they were attached to a matt board and framed as a  custom piece of art.  This is a great idea because you can chose colours that work in your home.
Everyone has their own unique ideas, and possibilities for guest books are endless.  Search for inspiration on the internet, or create something of your own.  Your guest book with be something you cherish through your marriage.


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