By: ArthurK

We get a lot brides and grooms that come through our doors that are looking to make their wedding receptions a “party” that their guests won’t soon forget. Of course music selections and wedding entertainment can play a big factor in this however I have made an observation, a revelation in fact, from the thousands of weddings I have attended. One way to ensure the dance floor is packed all night and the party is in full effect is to have the bride and groom on it (especially the bride)! I have seen it so many times that a bride and groom get swept away thanking all of their guests and getting wrapped up in formalities that the night is practically over before they get on the dance floor (by which time it’s too late). To all you brides and grooms out there…make time to dance and enjoy the party. Your guests are there for you and to not engage them and party with them on the dance floor is not only rude but a recipe for a lack luster party.

I also find that waiting until the end of dinner to have dancing can sometimes be a party killer. What we have found to work really well is to start the night of with a short dance set or to intersperse dance sets between dinner courses. This doesn’t always work depending on the venue. If your guests were at the Church for 3pm. Then the reception hall for 5pm. It can literally be up to 6hrs of sitting, drinking, eating, and speeches before the first dance number. This can make your guests extremely lethargic and unmotivated to dance. So, if you can, don’t wait too long before injecting some fun and dancing into the the wedding. Also don’t forget a dance floor with a bride and groom on it is a packed dance floor….guaranteed!

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