This post is about a wedding-planner-bride-to-be – me! I got engaged in January of last year and just couple of days ago I realized that I am 4 months away from the day of the wedding aaaaand there is still a lot to do. Not only for the big day itself, but for at least 10 days around it, since some of my friends and my entire family will be coming from out of the country. My boss wants me to get blogging and I (like any bride) can talk about my wedding for hours and hours on end to whomever has the unfortunate thought of asking. So here you go!

I should say I am picky. And balancing between the wedding being what my fiancé and I would want it to be (a day spent with 30 people max), what a wedding planner in me wants the venue to look like (to me Australians and New Zealanders know what’s up) and what my traditional Russian parents-in-law envisioned (have you ever been to a Russian wedding?) has been THE task to tackle. Needless to say, I’ve won most of the battles, getting the venue I loved being the biggest one. Downtown, brick walls, huge windows, a roof top, and all kinds of pipes on the ceiling (some of which my future father-in-law is convinced will fall on people). And most importantly – a completely blank space that I get to have fun with. Yay me!

Since this blog better have some value for all of you brideys, I’ll share some information about the venue that’s stolen my heart – The Burroughes Building. It is a blank canvas and you might think ‘I can create anything in there!’, true, but here is the reality. The venue offers some Furniture Packages, but you need to bring in EVERYTHING – tables, chairs, anything food related (napkins, cutlery, stemware, plates, etc); having a caterer of my choice was important, since I wanted to offer something unique and at the same time familiar to our Eastern European crowd; landmark fees associated with this endeavour need to be taken into the account as well – 10% of the total bill if you are hiring the ‘preferred’ caterer, 15% – anybody else; you need to hire security – all of these will rack up the bill. It is downtown (two sides to this coin – paid parking, but easy access to all kinds of funky Queen West hotels); you are allowed to bring in your own bar – treat your guests to your favourite brands and save up some cash.

If you are not scared of all this/have sufficient help (hint: wedding planner) – then you end up with this dreamy, trendy, industrial, naturally lit, get you giddy with excitement, gem of a venue. Did I mention the roof top already??

Downtown Toronto Wedding Venue

Photo Credit: EK Media Studio

Oh and, of course, I’ve found my dress. Don’t believe in THE dress, did not get THE feeling, but I chose the dress I will be most comfortable in and that I think reflects my personality. I will be able to do my dance floor moves, will not need help going to the washroom AND I look good in it. Perrrrfection. It is simple, but has this thing to it – asymmetry, the zest (or “the little raisin”, as we Russians might say), you be the judge, photo below. I got it from Loversland, a store you should visit regardless of whether or not you are even getting married. While I haven’t tried on too-too many dresses (under 20), I wanted to mention Powder Boutique as well, as I had an absolutely amazing experience there and mannn does Jenny Packham look good on me.

Wedding Gown

Mira Mandic ‘Juliana’

That’s for part one of my wedding planner diary! Stay tuned for more insights.



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