WEDLUXE Wedding Show 2017

My Top 5 Things At This Year’s Show

This was my second year attending the WEDLUXE’s show in Toronto. This year’s show was hosted at the same location as it was in 2016, the beautiful Carlu, at the corner of Yonge & Carlton/College. Like last year there were many similar faces as well as some new ones. This year the theme seemed to be Gold and Marble, which makes perfect sense since the rise of gold last year which definitely stuck with the wedding community. Another stylistic attribute is this a mix of Art Deco design with a tropical twist to it. This could be something as simple as a including a Gold Pineapple in your to your Gatsby style wedding!

gif of very tall wedding cake

If you ask anyone who attended, what they thought was the most mind blowing thing they saw, it would without a doubt be the 10 tier chapel style cake made by Fine Cakes by Zehra. Not only was that the most jaw dropping cake at the show, but will ultimately be the most extravagant cake I will ever encounter in my professional career! That being said, that’s not what I’m here to talk to you about. What I want to talk about is some of the businesses/booths that caught my eye, and stood out for me.  Here are 5 companies that really wow’ed me at this year’s show:


Couple in red kissing in front of old wooden door with adore written in chalk above their heads

New Vintage Media

Maybe it was their rustic looking booth with Edison bulbs hanging from the ceiling and grainy film footage of a wedding playing the background, or maybe it was their warm personalities, but I immediately got a good vibe walking up to this booth. As John and Samantha Butler, husband and wife & owners of New Vintage Media explained to me, the name came about after visiting a winery and learning about how aging wine in vintage barrels gives the wine a particular characteristic and charm that most new wines are unable to obtain. This was the perfect metaphor for what they aim to do with their work, deliver photography and cinematography for your wedding that will capture the most intimate qualities of your big day. New Vintage Media resides in Alliston Ontario, but operate out of all of the province, as well as international. To learn more about them and get a glimpse of their work, go to


Bride & Groom next to a book shelf

The Drake Weddings & Catering

If you are a downtown Toronto resident, there’s a high likelihood you’ve dropped into the Drake Hotel for either a drink, fine dining, a concert, to pick up a cool gift, check out their art collection or to just get a good nights rest. Now, you have the option to have The Drake be apart of your big day, because they just opened up a wedding service that offers catering! This means The Drake is now a one-stop-shop for all your wedding needs (venue + catering + accommodations). Even if you’re not having your wedding at The Drake but really love their food, The Drake can fulfill these needs and cater your wedding. If including The Drake will grant you your ideal Torontonian dream wedding, then you should give Kathleen a shout at 416.531.5042 x 244 or and tell her, Nick from Fusion Events sent you.


4 Bespoked Shoes by Peter Feeney

Peter Feeney Bespoke Footwear

Have you ever heard, “You can always tell the type of man by the shoes he’s wearing”? Well it’s true. There has always been something very prestigious about owning a well made shoe. Just ask any bride-to-be if having the right pair of shoes on her wedding day is important to her (I guarantee she’ll say yes). Now gentlemen, you have the option to walk down the isle in a shoe that was literally made for you, and Peter Feeney will make it happen! Even if you don’t consider yourself a flashy dresser or intend on picking up a flamboyant suit, then getting a bespoke pair of shoes would be perfect for you. The best part of all? You call the shots!  Now let’s say you happen to be the kind of guy who is a big sneaker collector, who has a million sneakers in their closet right now. That might be fine for day to day, but this is your “big day”. Do the right thing and get a fancy pair of dress shoes, I assure you this will mean more to you than any sneaker in your collection. Next time you have a day off and are thinking about working on the wedding, be sure to book an appointment to see Peter @


Woman waking up in bed, wearing a KIP nightwear


This was probably the most random booth I stumbled upon at the WEDLUXE Show, and I absolutely loved it! KIP. is a company that makes comfortable and classy nightwear, including nightshirts and pyjamas, with, or with out monograms. Why was it at the WedLuxe show you ask? Because, getting matching nightwear for you (the bride) and all the bridesmaids is such a perfect gift. If you are planing a bachelorette party that involves you and all your girls staying at a hotel, how perfect would it be to have a nicely folded pyjama set with your monogram on it, waiting for you on your hotel bed when you arrive. This sort of thing is the norm in Britain, I think it’s about time we started to embrace it here. Do all your shopping online here at


Hindi woman with man in a red tuxedo

King & Bay Custom Clothing

If you or your fiancé are anything like me, and love wearing a suit that stands out from the crowd, then you will fall in love with this next company: King & Bay Custom Clothing are really making a splash in bespoke menswear. Located in the heart of the financial district; the one thing that really separates them from the rest, is their magnificent fabrics they’ve been able to source. As they explained to me, with these rare fabrics they manage to get their hands on, they are lucky if they get enough material for more than one, maybe two suits. So every suit that they make is truly one of a kind. If you are interested in getting a suit made for your wedding that really stands out from the rest and is unique to you, I would highly suggest stopping in for a consultation.