WEDLUXE Wedding Show 2016

The Secret Gems Spotted by Fusion Events

As Toronto wedding planners, Fusion Events is always trying to keep an eye out for emerging talent in our industry. At this year’s WedLuxe‘s wedding show hosted at the Carlu in Toronto on January 10th, I had the opportunity to explore the all the different vendors, and here are some of the gems I managed to find:

Cleland Studios

So much more than what you can do, is who you are as a person. Luke Cleland, immediately came off as a down to earth, good hearted guy who loves what he does. The kind of guy that you could imagine running into at a bar or cafe and think to yourself, “What a nice guy!” Not only that, but his photography was excellent! It was the perfect blend of airy, but with a hint of contrast. Nothing that looked too fake. All of his photos had a very happy feel to them. I couldn’t think of what else you would want on your wedding day.


Mr & Mrs Smith Boutique Hotels Collection


A very cool and simple idea, Mr & Mrs Smith Boutique Hotels curates interesting and unique hotels around the globe, and offers them for couples looking to spend a romantic getaway with out staying at your conventional chain hotels. Weather you are planning your honeymoon or a vacation with a loved one, Mr & Ms Smith puts you up in these hotels and offer lots of fun things to see and do in the city you’re staying in.



Garrison Bespoke

As I walked towards this booth, my jaw dropped and I exclaimed out loud “Wow!” like a kid who just caught a glimpse of his/her dream toy, I just saw a suit I want. Garrison Bespoke is renown for being on of the best tailors in Toronto. They are recognized for suiting up the casts of Suits & Hannibal, Drake and many different athletes. All there suits come from some of the finest materials imported from Italy. They do made to measure and bespoke suits starting from $1,000 up to a very high end, which could include being made out of bullet proof material. Regardless if the suits are bullet proof, they are definitely everything you want out of a suit, and more.


Truffle Cake and Pastries

While cakes and pastries are all amazing in my mind, there is something about the work that Christina is doing with her company Truffle Cake and Pastries. She seemed to be pushing the envelope in what can be done with deserts. Instead of jumping on doing wild and crazy things, her deserts resembles that of a beautiful piece of art. Being able to go to these lengths while still making the end result look edible. Two things that stood out for me we her old fashioned glazed donuts sprinkled in gold flakes and her marbled cake that look like she cut it out of a piece of actual marble.


Blair Nadeau Millinery + Whitney Heard

Right smack dab in the middle of the main foyer, you could find Blair Nadeau Millinery. This stood out for me, not only because it was the only decor of its kind at WEDLUXE’s Wedding Show, but because of how interesting and stylistically different each piece was from another. You really get that feeling that care and passion was put into every piece of her collection, which makes them that much more sentimental to you. An unexpected encounter was a photographer named Whitney Heard, who was in fact just a friend of Blair who was there to help promote her millinery business. After further discussion Whitney shows me her photography and I find it astounding. Whiney has been able to find her stylistic look, something photographers strive for their entire career. Her photography encapsulates an almost fantasy like atmosphere that puts beauty in the forefront of her photography.