What a Typical Canadian Wedding Looks Like

Our friends over at the Lakeshore Convention Centre have created an infographic about “What a Typical Canadian Wedding Looks Like”. In this blog we will break down the graphic to give you more information about these statistics!

The Most Popular Month to Get Engaged

The most popular month to get engaged is the chilly winter month of December. The entire winter period is actually referred to as “engagement season” (October- February) by some across North America. It has deservingly been coined this way because the season stretches over major holidays starting off with Thanksgiving, reaches its peak with Holiday Celebrations like Christmas, Hanukah and Kwanza then ends with a bang on Valentines Day. Creating that special moment has also become a popular way to make it through the “winter blahs” with some new bling on that left hand as a reason to party with your best girlfriends while salivating over thoughts of the big day.

The Average Age on the Wedding Day

According to our very own Arthur K at Fusion Events, millennial babies are much more cautious in tying the knot because of the high divorce rate among their parents, and want to live together before taking the plunge. Our couples at Fusion are together for about 6 years before they come to us to start the wedding preparations. Business Insider has followed that sentiment as they report people are deciding to live alone for several years, and more young adults are focusing on higher education before considering marriage. Essentially, this generation is about more me time and less we time, pushing the average ages on the wedding day to 31.1 for men and 29.1 for females.

The Average Number of Guests

The average number of wedding guests rounds out to 100 across Canada and 106 in Ontario. Here in Toronto that number makes a lot of sense because there are not many affordable venues that fit 200+ people. Since Toronto is a popular wedding destination for Ontarians, it has a large effect on mediating the average in Ontario, as well as Canada. The rule in the wedding game is about 10% of the invited guests will decline the invitation, so be sure to keep that in mind for your wedding.

The Most Popular Month to Get Married

While engagement season peaks in December, wedding season begins in April and peaks in August with 25% of Canadian weddings taking place during this month. Here in Toronto the August is a perfect month to celebrate the big day, because according to Climatemps.com, on average only 9 out of 31 days in the month are rain days. There is truly nothing better than soaking in the sun for a beautiful day to remember.

The Average Cost of a Wedding

The average cost of a wedding across the nation is $31,000. For a generation inspired by Instagram-worthy pictures, in order to create the wedding of their dreams the bride and groom must be financially stable to make the pictures a reality. To all of the couples thinking of tying the knot: start saving up!

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