When Is the Best Time to Have Wedding Pictures Taken?

If you follow the “traditional” flow of a wedding ceremony and reception, then the newly married coupled has pictures taken after saying their “I do’s” and prior to the actual reception. While having pictures taken on your actual wedding day is a great way to document your new marriage, some couples are discovering how much fun it can be to have pictures taken before their actual wedding ceremony.

These pictures and/or videos are added to their wedding day memories to create a “story” in pictures and videos highlighting what occurred before walking down the aisle. There are several different options you and your loved one could choose from to ensure you capture every special moment from the time of your engagement through your wedding reception.
In some cases, depending on what pictures you do have taken, it can help shorten the time between professing your love for one another and arriving at your reception to celebrate your marriage with your guests on your wedding day.

1. Have pictures taken at different milestones throughout the wedding preparation and planning process. Some couples like documenting several different planning phases, like trying on and selecting the wedding dress, the groom being fitted for his tux, visiting the jeweler and picking out the wedding bands, and so on.

2. Use wedding rehearsals as great picture taking moments. As your wedding date draws closer, it is quite common to schedule several different rehearsals so everyone knows what they are supposed to be doing on your wedding day. Couples have pictures taken before, during, and after the rehearsals to add to their wedding day photo album.

3. The final rehearsal dinner is another great moment to document. Rehearsal dinners often have most of your friends and family present. Not to mention there can be speeches and other celebratory toasts you may want captured onto picture and video.

4. Capture bachelorette and bachelor parties on film. You and your loved one may want to have professional pictures taken at these parties you can share with each other later.

5. Have certain “wedding day” photos taken in different locations around the city. Toronto and the GTA offer several stunning and breathtaking photo opportunities at different venues and outdoor areas. Some couples and their bridal parties get dressed up and have pictures taken at different locals prior to the wedding.


• Most brides strongly hold firm that their grooms should not see them in their actual wedding dress before their wedding day. For these brides, select an elegant dress that fits with the style of your wedding dress you can wear instead for early picture taking.

• For your guests, wedding day pictures typically means long waits as the wedding photographer goes with the wedding party and immediate family members to take lots of pictures. Have your wedding entertainment perform sets while you get pictures taken to occupy your guests’ time until you are done taking pictures.



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