Beatbox & Violin


When world-renowned beatboxer and electric violinist collide.


Violin and Beat Box

Nemesis is a new collaboration between world-renowned electric violinist, Dr.Draw, and Canadian Beat Box Champion, Scott Jackson. These two formidable performers in their own right have joined forces to create a one of a kind fusion of world, electronic, hip-hop, and R&B music unlike any other. Only using voice and violin Nemesis will take you on an auditory journey through time and acorss the world that will leave you transfixed and transformed. 


Easy to execute, unique, and highly entertaining.


Create a memorable experience easily and on budget. 


Easy to work with. Highly experienced and professional.  

Mind Blowing

Unlike anything you have ever seen or heard. Nemesis will stun and delight attendees with their live and virtual perforamcnes