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Tradition in Chinese Marriage is extremely important. Choosing a favourable date, and drawing on the traditions of the Three Letters, and the Six Etiquette are important to many families. Whatever your degree of traditionalism, a Fusion Events Chinese wedding planner will honour them seriously and with dignity befitting the occasion.

Your families can communicate with us to make sure that we properly honour the traditions that they wish to keep, and we will be sure to meet their standards.

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 Ceremony for Good Fortune

Choosing the right date is very important to many traditional families, and our Chinese wedding planners will be happy to assist in this tradition by finding a proper, traditional Chinese astrological expert to assist in the date selection.

Colour choices for your event design can be done to reflect both cultural tradition, and modern elegance. Red and Gold designs can be customized to reflect your personalities while honouring tradition, in both a traditional and modern setting. You can also choose to find a completely different colour scheme and design, completely modern, or from some other style/tradition that appeals to you. We are committed to a fully customizable event design for your Chinese wedding.

Giving of Gifts

The Giving of Gifts is a strong part of tradition between families of brides and grooms, and there are also party favours for guests in a more modern wedding setting. Working with us, we’ll find you the ideal gifts that will be respectful to your families and guests, honouring tradition, and also reflective of the couple’s consideration for those receiving them.